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Do you have items you would like to sell? 

Best Garage Sale Spot ever!

Come join others for a massive garage sale at The Arc. 

Yard Sale Trail 


11th, 12th & 13th

9:00am -4:00pm 

Tired of having garage sale that no one attends?

The Arc of St. Clair County is right off of Pine Grove (Gratiot Ave) on The Antique Yard Sale Trail.  Think 1,000's of potential buyers for your garage sale items.  

We will have a banner up weeks before the event. We will have signs at the end of I-94 and directional. 

Rental of a parking space at The Arc (  ). 

$50.00 for one day (one day spaces limited) 

$100.00 for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 

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